by Nanne on April 26th, 2016

Last week Rusto attended the Finnish Game Awards 2016 where the greatest finnish games were yet again celebrated with a fancy gala. Three nominated games of 2015 with one winner were from our local area which gave us a reason to really celebrate our game development community. The theme that was on our mind during the gala was what game development in Finland meant to us.

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by Sako on April 19th, 2016

Like with any game, the art in Spareware has went through its phases. The current art lead Tommi Helin is here to shed some light into the making of art in Spareware.

The style for Spareware is kinda cartoony and colorful while having it's dystopic nature. We went to look for inspiration from sci-fi comics and cover art of the 80's. They had nice clean colors that popped right out of the pages even if the topic was serious. Comics like Judge Dredd were a huge influence on us.

Issue 9 cover of the Judge Dredd ComicIssue 9 cover of the Judge Dredd Comic
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The time for a new patch is getting closer. We're going to add content and also address some problems the players have been having with the game. The project lead Sako Salovaara is here to answer how we're going to tackle the problems and add value to the game with the new patch.

One of the most common critiques the game has had is the repetitiveness of the levels and the visuals. The game eventually starts to feel monotone.

'There's a lot of variety we'll add visuals and gameplay wise. The environment will see more changes with new biomes and more different props in the levels. Other elements that are added to the level add more gameplay variation, like more varying types of enemy turrets and more defenses on the gates.

We're adding a new ability tree too with new deception abilities.'

Online multiplayer has also been in high demand. For this Sako can't do anything else but shake his head with a frown.

'We were going to add online multiplayer when we started the development of Spareware. Soon we found out that we don't have nearly enough resources to do it and we had to just give up on it. Even now making it would take 6 months and way too much money. If there will be a next installation, that could have it.'

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by Sako on April 5th, 2016

We recently visited the local IGDA chapter as guest speakers due to the recent release of Spareware. As we were the first local company to develop a console game, we shared with other developers our thoughts about the development and mostly the things we liked about it to encourage them to do the same. Now we'll share those with you too.

#1 Single platform

Some of the people not involved in game development may not realize how different types of phones or customizability of PC makes life difficult for developers. There's so many resolutions, drivers and GPUs to take into account and you somehow with limited time, budget and people have to make your game compatible with most of them.

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