Rusto is an independent game company based in the frozen city of Kajaani, Finland. The core team's passion for games & developing them has kept them fighting the good fight, working with all kinds of games both on their own & as contractors.

Currently working on the best cooperative experience for Xbox One, Spareware.

Early days

In late 2011 Sako Salovaara and Ville Siuruainen found Rusto to build the games on their own terms. After recruiting an artist to the mix, the trio started to work on an ambitious casually epic RPG on mobile which went about as well as could be expected.

After recouping for a while, Rusto was reinforced with a new co-owner, Juha Lampen, who was an old friend of the team. With this new lineup, Rusto rushed to the quirky mobile games market releasing a couple games for iOS & Android: Tank It!, Rival Rumble & BeaverKarts. None of these were stellar successes, but their sales with combined subcontracting & prototyping gigs did pay the bills.

After this Rusto spent a good time on working for others, gathering funds & making plans - biding their time. On the evenings after working on others projects for cash, Rusto kept on iterating & planning for their next big break. What was clear that the team had grown tired with mobile games & the gold rush of the market was long gone. A new plan was needed.


In 2014 the focus of Rusto switched to games they really enjoyed to play - with their friends on the couch. The concept for Spareware was born & prototyped late into the night. With the help of local hobbyists, the team was expanded to cope with the teams expanding ambitions & work on the game began at the fullest.

When 2015's summer was at its peak, Rusto quit their jobs & released Ville's side project Drunk Fu: The Wasted Masters for iOS and Android. During this time, Spareware was accepted into the ID@Xbox program & Rusto secured funding to work on the game full time. Rusto was able to finally dedicate all their time and resources to making Spareware happen.